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Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership (CGMP)

The Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership (CGMP) is designed to help manufacturing companies located in the Calumet and Southland region of Chicago acquire skilled CNC operators with MSSC and NIMS credentials. CGMP training programs include welding, computerized machine tool operation and programming (CNC machine technology). Click here to watch a brief video overview.

Who are the CGMP partners?

The following partners have come together to plan and implement the Machining Training Initiative. As the MTI moves forward and as the CGMP expands to take on other projects, additional partners may be added.

Training Partners: Daley College, Prairie State College, South Suburban College

Employer Engagement: South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association & FB International LLC

Participant & Job Placement Services: OAI, Inc.

Public Workforce Partners: Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership

Additional Collaborations: Chicago Jobs Council

CSEDC Investor Meeting- CGMP Partnership Feb. 26, 2016

Calumet Industrial Jobs Workforce Resources

OAI, Inc. provides a pool of pre-screened, trained candidates for manufacturing and logistics companies seeking to locate or expand in the Calumet region.

The Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership (CGMP) initiative enhances the manufacturing and logistics industries in the Calumet Region by addressing the labor/skills mismatch and by promoting careers in manufacturing and logistics to ensure a competitive workforce is a key asset for regional economic development. The accomplishments of CGMP provide an unprecedented opportunity to make significant contributions to the economic prosperity of the region.

The CGMP collaborative program has developed strong  relationships among four regional Colleges, demonstrating a rare Chicago and Cook County inter-College partnership. The initiative is employer-led and over 50 manufacturing and logistics employers have become actively involved in the advisory committee.

In less than two years (from February 2012 to present) the CGMP initiative, supported through a federal grant from the Department of Labor has screened over 720 applicants, enrolled 176 students who have earned over 360 industry recognized certifications in training ranging from Bridge programs to Advanced Metalworking, and placed 84 graduates into employment at 34 separate manufacturers with placement efforts continuing daily.

OAI has also offered support for companies to comply with Local Hiring Requirements and to acquire a skilled workforce by developing customized recruitment and screening processes. Many customized activities are grant funded.

Logistics Ladder Worker Training Programs supply local workers trained and licensed as commercial truck drivers, certified warehouse workers, and logistics professionals.

Customized Worker Training available through a consortium of community colleges and business services partners.

Incentives for Creating Jobs including wage reimbursements and tax credit programs.

Housing Support for workers and families through the Chicago Southland Housing and Community Development Collaborative.

The CGMP program is part of the Calumet Reserve Industrial Job strategy to achieve sustainable redevelopment by capitalizing on the area’s assets, including a rich infrastructure for freight transportation, logistics and manufacturing. By coordinating the implementation of the Calumet Reserve Industrial Jobs program with public, not-for-profit, and private sector partners, OAI and the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association in collaboration with the Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation are ensuring that manufacturing and logistics job growth will not be stalled by impediments such as land assembly, brownfields contamination, poor road infrastructure or storm water management challenges. The CGMP program will ensure that lack of a trained workforce is not an impediment to industrial growth either.

OAI, Inc. is a workforce training and development agency founded in 1976. OAI’s broad goal is to empower and enhance the capacity of underserved individuals and their communities by applying innovative practices and paradigms that contribute significantly to social-environmental equity, equal access to educational and employment opportunities and economic self-sufficiency. www.oaiinc.org