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About Us

The Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation (CSEDC) is not a philanthropic or social group. The mission of the CSEDC is to identify, organize and mobilize public and private resources that will result in the creation and expansion of businesses, thereby providing economic growth, sustainable jobs and development in the Southland. The objectives implementing this mission are applied along recognized Corridors, as well as other regional areas of economic impact. Extending from the dynamic growth along the I-80 Corridor, to the Greenfield warehouse and intermodal centers along Illinois-394 and to the renewable energy centers along the Cal- Sag waterway, the Southland is a significant and strategic region for expanding economic growth. CSEDC, its members and its partners are poised to be the moving force responsible for “Strengthening the Southland.”

CSEDC objectives are defined through its structure of a Chairman, Executive Committee, and a Board of Directors composed of area business, educational, and political leaders. Monthly meetings of the Executive Committee, quarterly Board Meetings, and active subcommittees will develop the objectives and work program and acquire the resources necessary to fulfill the mission of CSEDC. CSEDC members contribute their ideas and counsel during these meetings and in various follow up activities. Subcommittees are comprised of active members and staff from CSEDC, SSMMA and other agencies working on CSEDC defined projects. CSEDC provides value to its membership and a return on their investment by contributing to the economic vitality of our region and identifying the leaders of the Southland.

CSEDC is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, funded by member dues, contracts and contributions. Investing in a membership at any of the various levels, provides for active participation and supports this public-private partnership. All members are listed on the CSEDC webpage and can vote on all member activities including nominating Board members. Contributing, Sustaining, and Premier members may also display their logo on the CSEDC web page and CSEDC advertising. Premier members will be listed, or have their logo printed, on CSEDC stationery. Please return the CSEDC Investment Statement with your contribution and comments. Please note if you are interested in attending a particular subcommittee meeting.

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Mission Statement

The Green TIME Zone of Chicago’s Southland capitalizes on these emerging trends with a strategy through which older communities can translate the value of their established rail infrastructure and manufacturing capacity into desirable neighborhoods, good jobs, and environmental improvement. The strategy is built on three linked mechanisms for sustainable redevelopment: transit-oriented development (TOD) to establish livable communities, cargo-oriented development (COD) to capture the economic benefits of inter-modal freight movements, and green manufacturing to build a healthy economy with a bright future. These mechanisms lead to the acronym TIME: communities and economies are rebuilt around Transit, Inter-modal facilities, and Manufacturing, all founded on a commitment to preserve and improve the natural Environment.