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Projects and Programs


The Collaborative works to address the shared housing market that spans its communities.
Its goals – through outreach, advocacy,program development and education –
are to facilitate progress, create investment opportunities, and forge partnerships with
stakeholders to strengthen communities. The following details the current services and
initiatives offered by the Collaborative.

Create Development Opportunities

Development – Create a pipeline of potential housing development opportunities and identify
infrastructure, land assembly, property condition and regulatory improvements required to
enable development.

Employer-Assisted Housing Outreach to employers and lending institutions to develop incentives
for employees to move closer to job centers and transit in the area.

Multi-Family Rental Initiative Provide assistance to landlords and property managers through
forums and distribution of a resource guide and to communities through technical assistance and
receivership program.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program  Stabilize neighborhoods hit hardest by foreclosures
and vacant properties by identifying and securing partners and funding to rehab and demolish
properties for redevelopment purposes.

Southland Community Development Loan Fund Financial resources are available for
pre-development and acquisition strategies within one half-mile of Metra stations and high frequency
bus routes. Resources are available through Enterprise Community Partners.

Southland Financing Consortium Establish partnerships with private and public financial agencies
to provide technical assistance and capital (such as pre-development and land acquisition financing)
to developers for SSMMA approved projects. Resources are available through the Chicago Community Loan Fund.


Plan and Strategize

Community Development Strategies Explore, develop and implement strategies to assist
communities in addressing housing and community development concerns such as energy code
implementation, assistance with vacant property ordinances, creating a property tracking database
for rental properties, developing incentive programs to reward responsible landlord behavior,
streamline code enforcement and pre-sale process, etc.

Data/GIS/Web Mapping Provide access to extensive layers of data in the Southland
(such as zoning, infrastructure, crime, foreclosures, vacant and rental housing, etc.)
and analyze trends for planning purposes

Foreclosure Strategies Identify foreclosure trends, provide guidance and best case practices
relating to foreclosures, work with lending institutions to mitigate and manage bank owned properties,
and develop strategies to return the properties to productive use.

Homes For a Changing Region – Implement the recommendations from this housing supply and
demand analysis that identifies future housing needs for the sub-region and four communities.

Housing Investment Tool  Rank/evaluate projects for funding, assist communities to further
develop their project ideas and to identify and correct weaknesses in their redevelopment plans,
code enforcement and pre-sale process.

Single-Family Rental Housing Work to identify investor trends and best practices for communities
regarding inspections and code enforcement techniques.


Advocate and Educate

Homebuyer Education Work with regional partners to provide classes and counseling to prepare
families for home ownership. Click here for more information on the upcoming class.

Legislation Support legislation to ensure communities have the tools necessary for dealing with
foreclosures, vacant and abandoned properties, property maintenance and other community development concerns.


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