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Surface Transportation Program (STP)

The local Surface Transportation Program (STP) uses a federal funding source, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), to fund a portion of the project costs. The federal share for STP is generally 80% with a 20% local match, but is subject to the sliding scale adjustment.

FAST Act funds projects that are on a Federal-Aid Highway System with a functional classification of collector and above, bridge projects on any public road, transit capital projects, bus terminals and bus facilities. Roadways with a local road/street functional classification cannot obtain federal funding, except for bridge projects.

The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association houses the South Council of Mayors, one of eleven subregional councils established by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) to:

  • Provide local input into the metropolitan transportation planning process
  • Facilitate communication between local governments and the regional transportation agencies
  • Establish the priorities for the local Surface Transportation Program and implement programmed projects

The South Council is composed of 35 municipalities in South Cook and Southeast Will counties.  Each Council of Mayors receives an annual allocation of local Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds and is responsible for programming those funds according to its own STP Methodology. Council projects must meet all federal eligibility requirements, including being located on a federal-aid eligible route, and must be sponsored and implemented by a local community within the council.

Each Council of Mayors has a least one staff person designated as a Planning Liaison (PL). PLs are the primary link between CMAP and the suburban mayors and are directly responsible for the programming of locally sponsored, federally funded projects in the CMAP Transportation Improvement Program. PLs are the primary contact for local agencies and coordinate the implementation of federally funded projects, including STP, CMAQ, BRRP, Safe Routes to Schools and Enhancement (ITEP) projects, with municipalities and IDOT.

The South Council Planning Liaison is:
Leslie Phemister
Transportation Planner

Resources and Downloads

South Council Member Municipalities

FFY 2017-2020 Surface Transportation Program

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