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 Village of Alsip Village of Alsip Address: 4500 W. 123rd Street, Alsip, IL 60803 Phone: (708)385-6902 x317 (708) 385-9561 (fax) Village President: John Ryan  Email: jryan@villageofalsip.org Executive Assistant:  Email:
 Village of Beecher logo Village of Beecher Address: P.O. Box 1154, 625 Dixie Highway, Beecher, IL  60401 Phone: (708) 946-2261(708) 946-3764 (fax) Village President: Greg Szymanski Email: gszymanski@villageofbeecher.org Village Administrator:  Robert O. Barber Email: bobadm@villageofbeecher.org
 blue Island logo City of Blue Island Address: 13051 S. Greenwood Ave. Blue Island, IL 60406 Mayor: Domingo Vargas Phone: Email: dvargas@cityofblueisland.org Contact: Mike Marzal – Administrator/Dep. Finance Director
Phone: (708) 396-7066 Email: mmarzal@cityofblueisland.org
 seal-of-burnham-il Village of BurnhamAddress: 14450 S. Manistee Avenue Burrnham, IL 60633 Mayor: Robert Polk Phone: (708) 862-9150, Fax: (708) 862-9155 Contact: Robert Polk Phone: (708) 862-9150 Email: rpolk@villageofburnhamil.com
calumet_city600x450 City of Calumet City Address: 204 Pulaski Rd, P.O. Box 1519 Calumet City, IL 60409 Mayor: Michelle Markiewicz-Qualkinbush Contact: Steff Perez, Assistant to the Mayor Phone: (708) 891-8106 Email: sperez@calumetcity.org OR Jim Gigliotti, Director of Community and Economic Development Phone: (708) 891-8140 Email:jgigliotti@calumetcity.org
Calumet Park Logo Village of Calumet Park Address: 12409 S. Throop Street Calumet Park, IL 60827 Mayor: Ronald Denson Contact: Ronald Denson Phone: (708)-389-1906 Email: mayordenson@calumetparkvillage.org or Village Administrator Mary Ryan Phone: (708) 388-8072 Email: mryan@calumetparkvillage.org
 City of Chicago Heights logo City of Chicago Heights Address: 1601 Chicago RdChicago Heights, IL 60411 Mayor: David Gonzalez Contact: Karen M. Zerante-Chief of Staff Phone: (708) 755-3036 Email: kzerante@chicagoheights.net
CCC Logo City of Country Club Hills Address: 4200 West Main Street Country Club Hills, IL 60411 Mayor: James Ford Contact: Phone: (708) 798- 2616 Email: jford@countryclubhills.org
 villagesign Village of Crestwood Address: 13840 S. Cicero Ave., Crestwood, IL 60418 Mayor: Louis Presta Contact: William Graffeo-Village Manager Phone: (708) 371-4800, ext. 2001 Email: bgraffeo@crestwood.illinois.gov  
 Crete Logo Village of Crete Address: 524 W. Exchange Street, P.O. Box 337Crete, IL 60417 Mayor: Michael Einhorn Contact: Mike Smith-Village Administrator Phone: (708)-672-5479 Email: msmith@villageofcrete.org  
dixmoor Village of Dixmoor Address: 170 W. 145th StreetDixmoor, IL 60426Mayor: Yvonne Davis Phone: (708) 389-6121 Email: bherzog@villageofdixmoor.org  
Dolton Logo (1) Village of Dolton Address: 14122 Chicago Road, Dolton, IL 60419 Mayor: Riley H. Rogers Contact:            Phone: (708) 201-3270 Email: 
East Hazel Crest Village of East Hazel Crest Address: 1904 W. 174th StreetEast Hazel Crest, IL 60429 Village President: Thomas Brown Contact: Pat Lazuka-Village Administrator Phone: (708) 798-0213 Email: admin@easthazelcrest.com
Village of Flossmoor Address: 2800 Flossmoor Rd Flossmoor, IL 60422 Mayor: Paul Braun Contact: Bridget Wachtel-Village Administrator Phone: (708) 798-2300 Email: bwachtel@flossmoor.org
Ford Heights Logo Village of Ford Heights Address: 1343 Ellis Avenue Ford Heights, IL 60411 Mayor: Annie Coulter Phone: (708) 758-3131 Email: mayorannie.coulter@villageoffordheights.org
Glenwood Logo Village of Glenwood Address: One Asselborn Way Glenwood, IL 60425 Village President: Ronald Gardiner Contact: Kevin Welsh-Village Administrator Phone: (708) 753-2440 Email: glnwdchief@comcast.net
Harvey Logo City of Harvey Address: 15320 Broadway Avenue Harvey, IL 60426 Mayor: Eric Kellogg Phone: (708) 210-5300 Email: mayor@cityofharvey.org
Hazel Crest Logo Village of Hazel CrestAddress: 3000 W. 170th PlaceHazel Crest, IL 60429 Village President: Vernard L. Alsberry Jr. Contact:  Village Manager Christopher Williams Phone: (708) 335-9600 x 107 Email: cwilliams@villageofhazelcrest.com
Homewood Logo Village of Homewood Address: 2020 Chesnut RdHomewood, IL 60430 Mayor: Rich Hofeld Contact: Jim Marino-Village Manager Phone: (708)-206-3378 Email: jmarino@homesweethomewood.com
Village_of_Lansing_Logo_120_ParkPlaza_2013_Final Village of Lansing Address: 3141 Ridge Rd Lansing, IL 60438 Mayor: Patricia (Patty) Eidman  Contact: Ken Reynolds -Assistant to Mayor Phone: (708)-895-7208 Email: kreynolds@villageoflansing.org or Administrator Dan Podgorski Phone: (708) 895-7200 Email: dpodgorski@villageoflansing.org
Lynwood Logo Village of Lynwood Address: 21460 Lincoln Highway Lynwood, IL 60411 Mayor: Eugene Williams Contact: Mayor Eugene Williams Phone: (708) 758-6101 Email: gwilliams@lynwoodil.us
Markham Logo City of Markham Address: 16313 S. Kedzie AvenueMarkham, IL 60428 Mayor: Ernest Blevins Phone: (708)-331-4905 ext 225 Email: emartinez@cityofmarkham.net
Matteson Logo Village of Matteson Address: 4900 Village Commons Matteson, IL 60443 Village President: Sheila Chalmers-Currin Contact: Anthony Burton, Deputy Village Administrator  Phone: (708) 283-4911  Email: aburton@villageofmatteson.org
Midlothian Logo Village of Midlothian Address: 14801 S. Pulaski RdMidlothian, IL 60445 Village President: Gary L’Heureux Phone: (708) 389-0200 Email: mayor@villageofmidlothian.net
Mokena Logo Village of Mokena Address: 11004 Carpenter St Mokena, IL 60448 Village President: Frank A. Fleischer Contact: John Tomasoski-Village Administrator Phone: (708) 479-3900 Email: administration@mokena.org
Monee Logo Village of Monee Address: 5130 W. Court Street Monee, IL 60449 Mayor: Jim Popp Email: jpopp@villageofmonee.org Contact: Village Administrator David Wallace Phone: (708) 534-8635 Email: dwallace@villageofmonee.org

Oak Forest Logo City of Oak Forest Address: 15440 S. Central Avenue Oak Forest, IL 60452 Mayor: Hank Kuspa Contact: City Administrator Troy Ishler Phone: (708)-687-4050 Email: tishler@oak-forest.org  
Olympia Fields Logo Village of Olympia Fields Address: 20040 S. Governors Highway Olympia Fields, IL 60461 Village President: Sterling Burke, Emailsburke@olympia-fields.com Contact: Village Administrator Cynthia Saenz Phone: (708) 503-8000 Email:csaenz@olympia-fields.com  
Orland Hills Logo Village of Orland Hills Address: 16033 S. 94th Avenue Orland Hills, IL 60477 Village President: Kyle Hastings Contact: Village Administrator Conrad Kiebles Phone: (708)-349-0690 Email: conrad@orlandhills.org

Orland Park Logo Village of Orland Park Address: 14700 S. Ravinia Dr. Orland Park, IL 60462 Village President: Keith Pekau Contact: Joseph LeMargo-Village Administrator Phone: (708) 403-6151 Email: jlamargo@orlandpark.org  
Park Forest Logo Village of Park Forest Address: 350 Victory Dr. Park Forest, IL 60466 Mayor: John Ostenburg Contact: Tom Mick-Village Manager Phone: (708) 748-1129 Email: tmick@vopf.com   
peotone wind mill Village of Peotone Address: 208 E. Main St. P.O. Box 430, Peotone, IL 60468 Mayor: Steve Cross Contact: Administrator Gregg Spathis Phone: (708) 258-3279 Email: admin@villageofpeotone.com   
phoenix logo Village of Phoenix Address: 633 East 151st StreetPhoenix, IL 60426 Mayor: Terry Wells Contact: Phone: (708) 331-1455 Email: mayor@villageofphoenix.org or Village Administrator Keith Freeman Phone: (708) 331-2636 or 708-288-9686 (cell) Email: keith.freeman@villageofphoenix.org
Posen Logo Village of Posen Address: 2440 W. Walter Zimny Dr. Posen, IL 60469 Contact: Mayor: Frank Podbielniak Phone: (708) 385-0139 Email: fpodbielniak@villageofposen.org or Michael Signator, Assistant to the Mayor (773) 876-2854 msignator@vollageofposen.org
Richton_Park_Logo_Tagline Village of Richton Park Address: 4455 W. Sauk Trail Richton Park, IL 60471 Village President:  Rick Reinbold Contact: Regan Stockstell- Village Manager Phone: (708) 481-8950 ext 110 Email: rstockstell@richtonpark.org  
Riverdale Logo Village of Riverdale Address: 157 W. 144th Street Riverdale, IL 60827 Mayor: Lawrence Jackson Contact: Timothy P. Williams-Acting Village Adminstrator/Chief of Staff Phone:  (708) 841-2200 ext 233 Email: twilliams@villageofriverdale.net  
Robbins Logo Village of Robbins Address: 3327 W. 137th Street Robbins, IL 60472 Village President: Tyrone Ward Email:calltyrone1.1@juno.com Contact: Assistant to the Mayor Keith Freeman – Phone: (708) 385-8940 or 708-288-9686 (cell) Email: kfreeman@robbins-il.com
sauk village header Village of Sauk Village Address: 21801 S. Torrence Ave.Sauk Village, IL 60411 Mayor: Derrick Burgess Contact: Phone: (708) 758-3330 Email: dburgess@saukvillage.org or Village Administrator JW Fairman Phone (708) 758-3330 Email: jwfairman@saukvillage.org
south chicago heights Village of South Chicago Heights Address: 3317 Chicago Rd, P.O. Box 770 South Chicago Heights, IL 60412 Mayor: Terry L. Matthews Email: tmatthews@southchicagoheights.com Contact: Nora Martinez-Gomez -Village Administrator Phone: (708) 755-1880, x118 Email: nmartinez@southchicagoheights.com
VSH Logo 2012 Village of South Holland Address: 16226 S. Wausau Ave South Holland, IL 60473 Mayor: Don De Graff Contact: J. Wynsma-Village Administrator Phone: (708) 210-2906 Email:   
Steger Logo Village of Steger Address: 35 W. 34th Street Steger, IL 60475 Mayor: Kenneth A. Peterson Jr.Contact: Assistant Village Administrator Mary Jo Seehausen  Phone: (708) 754-8129 Email: MSeehausentilton@villageofsteger.org
Thornton Logo Village of Thornton Address: 115 E. Margaret St Thornton, IL 60476 Mayor: Robert “Bob” Kolosh Contact: Village Administrator Doug Beckman  Phone: (708) 877-4456 Email: dbeckman@thornton60476.com 
Tinley Park Logo Village of Tinley Park Address: 16250 S. Oak Park Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477 Mayor: Jacob Vandenberg Contact:  Village Administrator David Neimeyer Phone: (708) 444-5000 Email: dniemeyer@tinleypark.org  
university park logo Village of University Park Address: 698 Burnham Drive University Park, IL 60466 Village President: Vivian Covington Contact: John E. Pate, Village Administrator  Phone:  (708) 235-4802  Email: jpate@university-park-il.com
Worth logo Village of Worth Address: 7112 W. 111th Street Worth, IL 60482 Village President: Mary M. Werner Contact:  Phone: (708) 448-1181 Email:mwerner@villageofworth.com